About Us

About Us

工厂Exray Technology Co., Limited is Your Integrated circuit electronic components supplier. We are one of the fastest growing distributors of Electronic Components product, services to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.

Exray with electronics manufacturers from across the globe to offer a diverse and powerful range of products. Offering included Integrated Circuits (ICs) Semiconductors, IGBTs/FETs Modules, Memory, Diode, Transistor triode, Rectifiers and other Electronic Components. Our selection of products from hundreds of world-class manufacturers is designed to get you the technology you need to fuel your design.

Exray serves as a supply channel partner with original electronics manufacturers through a global network serving Electronic Components new original.  We are professional distribution ICs brand: VISHAY/IR, NXP, ON, INFINEON, ST, NS, Microsemi, XILINX, Analog Devices, ALTERA, Texas Instruments, Lattice, Broadcom, Maxim, ATMEL, Linear, CYPRESS, FAIRCHILD, TOSHIBA, ACTEL, INTERSIL, Avago, PMC and More. IGBTs/FETs Moduls Brands: SEMICRON, EUPEC, MITSUBISHI, FUJI, POWEREX, IXYS, IR, ASTEC and More.

We provides specialized Electronic Components and expertise across the product lifecycle. Exray does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place at the right time and at the right price. We provides extraordinary value to customers and suppliers - the best electronics componens distributors companies in the world - and connects them through the company's industry-leading services.

Our service and support systems have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of our customers. These systems are continually reviewed and modified to respond to changes as we work to achieve the "ultimate" level of customer service.

Our customers typically benefit from:
Improved efficiency, flexibility, scalability and reliability
Reduced risk, High quality with competitive prices
One-stop, full-service procurement
Hard to Find, Shortage and Obsolete Components



In-time Quotation and Communication

Customer who contacts us will be served by our professionaland experienced salespersons.From the second our customersreceive the quotation, the follow-ups will be provided until aconsensus is worked out at last


Well-Acknowledged Procurement

When processing the procurement, the order will be 100% openand detailed As our customer, you will be acknowledged aboutthe usage of every coin.


Appropriate After-Sale Services

Exray will take the responsibilities of every productsold by us. When the components are not functional or damagedwith non-human factors, our customers will be reached outwithin 24 hours with our salespersons after contacting Exray,